25 October 2011

Time & Money

An introduction to my graduation internship

These past six weeks I have been working on a new system to be used by Publicis Indonesia. The system consists of three major products, a native BlackBerry application written in Java, a web application for other smartphones and a non-public tracking/management website written in PHP.

Recently I've finished one iteration, to submit taxi voucher information from used Blue Bird taxi vouchers using BlackBerry devices. This will reduce the costs for used vouchers by employees because these vouchers can be charged to the clients. Right now an employee at the financial department manually inserts all voucher information in MS Excel, but these are hundreds of vouchers every two weeks. Using this new system an Excel sheet will be automatically generated. This will reduce processing time and makes it easier to keep track of all vouchers.

This week I will be testing this taxi voucher submitting software for non-BlackBerry smartphones. The main focus lies at iPhone and Android devices.


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