26 October 2015

Real Dutch food in Jakarta

How to get a taste of good authentic Dutch food in the Greater Jakartan Region.

In the past three weeks I've been working on an Android app. for my friends Matt and Maria Bouma. They've been running a small food business for the past few years; introducing food from the Dutch kitchen how it's meant to taste. We have some local restaurants here in Jakarta that offer Dutch food, however those both look and taste far from the real thing.

Hutspot, boerenkool, bietjes and even snacks like bitterballen and poffertjes. Yes, I know. In the pictures  it may look not so tasty compared to food originating from other countries, but.. you know what they say; looks can be deceiving. I'll guarantee you'll be satisfied if you try some!

Matt and Maria are doing a great job delivering quality frozen food for you to easily heat up in the microwave. A lot of Dutch food includes pork, but no worries because The Boumas' also offer halal variaties too! If you live in the Greater Jakarta Region and you would like to taste food from The Netherlands, have a look at www.theboumas.net or download our app. from Google Play.

Eet smakelijk!

(Enjoy your meal! / Selamat makan!)


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