27 February 2013

Keep on building, mr. engineer

It has been months since my last update due to many site development projects I've received

It has been quite a while since I wrote something in my blog! Well, hopefully I still have some faithful readers out there. I am sure they will be pleased with something new to read. I have been up to a lot of stuff recently. Let's see what I wrote last time.. Oh right, it was about my first business trip ever! Publicis Indonesia sent me to Singapore to attend a digital summit for one of our clients. Anyway, you can read about that in the link above. So, what has this bad boy been up to?

Sites, sites and building sites. Just around the time of my trip to Singapore, Matt Wiggers offered me a freelance project to revamp www.roda-dua.com; a website I have built back in 2008 as an intern at Dot.us Indonesia, a company of Remko Weingarten. This was very interesting! Not only was this my first non-client project in Indonesia, the site needed some polishing after a few years of an inactive community. So Roda Dua is supposed to be a motorcycle community website for the Indonesian market. A place where people can get all kinds of information related to bikes, prices, reviews, a marketplace, official dealerships, forum and related news. When I got hold of the original source code again I was shocked by the programming structure of the website. The code I wrote back was unsafe and looked like spaghetti! Quite messy so to speak, and that makes sense if you know that I built that site with very basic knowledge I learned in college a few months before I started my internship. I'm almost finished with the deal I've made to clean up Roda Dua, maybe one or two weeks of programming left. Wiggers already has a new project ready for me and although I'm very excited to start this new project, I'm still excited to further develop Roda Dua.

Mr. Wiggers also came to me in October 2012 with a request to built an online registration system for a running event called the Standard Chartered Half Marathon, organised by the Jakarta Free Spirit organization. This was a very urgent assignment as it had to go live in a week and it had to include registration of marathon runners, a Content Management System (CMS) and an online payment option. I managed to nail that one, although it had cost me a few hours of my regular day job.

After I built that registration portal, Matt came to me to build a similar site for the Jakarta Race Series. Another running event that exists of a batch of four races, also part of the Jakarta Free Spirit organization. The registration portal had to be dynamic so it can be used for other events that require registration in the future. Also, the site had to be able to send out bulk e-mail to all registered runners. Development of this site took me up to three or four weeks, I kinda forgot. Anyhow, this site is still being used as next weekend the third race will be held at the British International School in Jakarta.

At my daytime job at Publicis Modem Indonesia I'm working on a website for my own office (Publicis Indonesia, Modem is just a department) and at the same time we're pushing things to develop a website (or multiple) representing all Publicis offices throughout Southeast Asia. Besides that we are maintaining the www.pizzahut.co.id website (which really needs a new look in my opinion) and we just started development on a mobile website for Pizza Hut focussed specifically on feature phones. You know, those small (old) Nokia phones and such that actually have a web browser (often using Opera Mini).

I might have gained between 10 and 15 new colleagues at Publicis since my last blog post in October last year. So business is really growing at the moment!

Also I have been working on my personal website as well! I have cancelled the old .NL domain and completely switched over to www.robincorba.com. I did a complete redesign of the site and starting building on a new CMS. I even wrote this post in my 100% homemade blog management section. Not bad, huh?


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