21 October 2014

It has been a long year

A crazy summary of all digital projects I've been working on this year

It has been over a year since my last blog post, sorry guys! I'll be posting more stuff soon. Oh, and don't forget to leave a message: it keeps me motivated!

Last year I got a promotion and went from Multimedia Developer to Head of Digital Production. I believe that is a great step in my starting career! However it seems that the more responsibilities I get at Publicis (the Advertising agency I work for), the less amount of spare time I have left.

Since my previous blog post me and my colleagues have developed three (micro)websites:

  1. Pizza Hut Asset Manager
  2. Pizza Hut's mobile website
  3. Publicis Indonesia's Chinese New Year's Fortune Cookies

We have created ten Facebook apps and games:

  1. Meriah Bersama Pairing Game,
  2. Balloon Burst,
  3. Angpao Hoki (Chinese Lucky Dip game),
  4. PH General Survey,
  5. Answer About Hershey's,
  6. Permainan Padu Padan (a card game),
  7. What's Your Favorite Combination?,
  8. Rate our TVCs,
  9. Promotion Tab
  10. the Pull-Apart Pizza Challenge (Facebook edition)

Then we designed one iPad App. for Indonesian doctors.

And we also created two Android games (still available on Google Play):

  1. Main Bola (football juggling game)
  2. the Pull-Apart Pizza Challenge (Android edition) This is my latest project!

Finally, we also built bulk e-mail software for promotional uses. There are still many other digital projects we had, but these were the big ones of last year. And what a year it was, madness! But when I look back at it I feel very proud of the team and myself! All those long nights sometimes really pay off, plus I learned a lot during my work. Sometimes I think I learned even more than back in college!


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