27 April 2011

Do not worry

Thinking too much about the unclear future

For me it's still hard to imagine I am doing my last semester at the HAN university of applied sciences. This last semester about Game Development is quite an interesting one, still I can't help myself having doom scenario's in my head about what possible could go wrong.

Not only that, I'm also considering immigrating to Indonesia in September this year. I think about this a lot of times, basically every day. I'm excited about finishing college and finally having a bachelor degree, starting my real life, finding myself a nice place to live and a good job. But I'm also a bit scared about the future, because so many things are still unsure. A lot of things can just happen and your future dreams could be blown away at an instant. I'm mostly worrying about finding a good job over there in Jakarta. Also, how about finding myself a nice place. What's in store for me regarding starting an own business, marriage, religion stuff etc.?

Today I didn't went to school because I felt sick. Both physically and mentally. Because I believe that stress caused me to feel really terrible last night. I've had a bleeding nose for hours, couldn't sleep that well and had a terrible headache. Having a day off and think about everything in peace really helped myself.


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