2 July 2011

B-day wishes from my girl

My 23rd birthday

Last monday I had my birthday and it was like many other days. I woke up in the morning, had my breakfast and did some work on my new website project for in Indonesia. Later in the afternoon I had to work at the council board of my university for a couple of hours. My parents gave me a very awesome present I have asked for. Since I'm going to immigrate in September this yeas I want to film my new place and such. They gave me a JVC HD camcorder that I can take with me.

My good friend Erik came for a visit later that evening too, he brought me a nice cash gift and a swell new belt from my girlfriend Anggie. I was happy with all the gifts I got for my birtday, but one of the best things I got was a phone call from my girl so far away. Althought I was sitting in a crowded bus, I couldn't skip this conversation just because people don't like travelers calling in public transport. I was happy to hear her voice again.

In two months we can finally meet as well, I bought her a ticket to the Netherlands so we can spend summer together. Together with Erik and his girl Marissa we will go to Rome for a few days as well. I'm really looking forward to this holiday.


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