17 June 2013

A new office at the Menara Global

Publicis Indonesia moved to a new building and I am using my bicycle to get there

It has been quite a while ago since I wrote something in my blog. My apologies, my lovely readers.

This story is all about my new office and transportation. The company I currently work for, Publicis Indonesia, just moved to a new office today. We used to work in the Samudera Indonesia building, which is actually the building of a local shipping company. That building had 8 floors and we had our office at the 5th floor. I moved to a condo nearby back in 2011 so I could walk to my office. That was very pleasant since I did not have to worry about the increasingly stressfull big traffic jams in Jakarta.

We are now located at the Menara Global building, which is closer to the centre of the city. It is a great place! We now work on the 18th floor and we have a great few of the Gatot Subroto avenue. Unlike the previous office, we now have the entire floor at our disposal and we have a 360 degree view of the city. I can even see the big mountain Salak in the distance! An amazing view!

Since the new office is around 7 kilometres away from my current residence, I could no longer simply walk to my work. Instead, I chose to purchase a bicycle and ride to work everyday. I bought a nice blue mountain bike frame and changed the tires to thinner road tires. It was a nice experience going to the new office by bike. Although the city is quite heavily polluted and the traffic can be dangerous, I took some precautions like wearing a helmet, gloves and a mask to cover my nose and mouth.

In the morning I get up around five and I start working at six, like this I can go back home before sunset which is around 6pm. Advertising agencies often have a work culture of continuesly working overtime with no extra pay or rewards. This makes it nearly impossible to work a shift of 40 hours a week, even if it says so in your contract.

Anyway, the new office was still a mess. Boxes everywhere and almost nothing was at the correct place, desks, chairs, computers and drawers. It took me almost two hours to find my inventory back. It even took a few hours to get electricity and internet working again. But now I’m settled I can really enjoy the office, it is at least 30% bigger than the old one I believe. The office building has seven elevators (Samudera had only three), two restaurants in the basement and some ATM’s in the lobby. I can park my bicycle at the parking lot for motorcycles, which is a bit weird since I’m currently the ONLY cyclist in a 24 story building. So it kinda stands out between the 100+ motorcycles parked there.

Our head of the creative department came up with the idea of arranging indoor transportation, so you don’t have to walk to get from one side of the office to the other. We now have a scooter, skateboard and a bicycle in our office! This is really awesome!


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