25 April 2011

1,000th Tweet

Some information on my Twitter account

Today I wrote my 1,000th message on my Twitter account. I have been tweeting since March 21th, 2009 so that's an average of 1.3 tweets per day.

That's is not much if you would compare too a lot of Twitter friends of mine. Take for example my high school friend Tim Kroesbergen (@TimKro), he started exactly two years earlier than me and his tweet count has already past 21,500, that is an average of 14.4 tweets per day. My girlfriend Anggie (@anggiepolapa) is also quite a fan of twitter: she started one month after I did and her tweet count already passed 5,000.

So I'm not a Twitterholic compared to many other users. I follow a exclusive set of friends and business partners, a total of 38 accounts to be more precise. 11 of those are Indonesian, 22 of them are Dutch (18 % lives in Indonesia). The remaining 5 accounts are from companies (40 % Indonesian and 60 % Dutch). For a long time my tweets were also displayed on my personal website. Most of my tweets I made with my BlackBerry Javelin (Curve 8900) while in Indonesia.

My favourite tweet count goes up to 56 messages, and yes, 91% of those are from my girlfriend. Here is a personal selection from those favourites:


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